My practice addresses our relationship to the the environment through permeable, process-based interactions with sites and materials. I focus specifically on human impact within broader expanses of time and within broader networks of life. I work across drawing, photography and large-scale installation, with emphasis on capturing points of interaction within phenomena or between human and non-human bodies in space. Each of these forms has roots in a long-standing drawing practice, whether I make a mark, a collective makes a mark, or a mark is found.

Site-specificity is integral to my practice, with projects often arising from a hybrid of research and physical engagement in place. Chosen processes are responsive to both natural and manmade phenomena within a given location, spanning from geologic and atmospheric forces to historic forms of land use, labor and knowledge production in relation to sites and materials. These locations and processes are recorded, emulated, or “mapped” in various ways, cataloging ephemeral interactions in time or the physical traces that remain.