Lower Manhattan Cultural Council’s Workspace Underway

I am currently an Artist-in-Residence through Lower Manhattan Cultural Council’s Workspace program, with this year’s artists and writers in residence through July 2013.

A complete listing of this year’s LMCC Workspace participants can be found here: http://www.lmcc.net/residencies/workspace/current_session

“Now in its 15th year, Workspace is a nine-month studio residency focused on creative process and professional development for emerging visual artists and writers. LMCC has been able to address the critical need for affordable studio space in Manhattan by securing and adapting temporarily vacant office space Downtown in partnership with generous real estate owners. Since its inception in 1997 at the World Trade Center, Workspace has provided hundreds of artists and writers with studio space in some of the city’s most noted landmarks. Workspace studio locations change frequently, but are always located in Lower Manhattan.”

Workspace studio views

American Landscape at FiveMyles – Opening Saturday, Nov 17 from 6-8pm | On View through Dec 16 2012

American Landscape opens at Brooklyn’s FiveMyles this Saturday, Nov 17 from 6-8pm | On View through Dec 16 2012

The exhibition, on view Nov 17 – Dec 16, 2012, features 15 artists “united through a heightened sense of awareness to their immediate surroundings seen through the lens of the American landscape; a landscape shaped by unseen socio-political forces, constantly shifting cultural paradigms, and the on-going flux of construction and destruction.”

Organized by Dan Carlson

Artists: Marin Abell, Josh Bricker, Dan Carlson, Chad Curtis, Dymph de Wild, Ben Finer, Daniel Glendening, Peter Lapsley, Jan Mun, Tom Pnini, Leah Raintree, Rick Reid, Corina Reynolds, Greg Stewart, and John Wanzel.

The New Brutalists at Parallel Art Space – On View through Sunday, Nov 18

Exhibitions this fall include The New Brutalists at Parallel Art Space, on view October 20th – November 18th, 2012. The exhibition features Samuel T. Adams, Guy Nelson, Leah Raintree, and Frank Zadlo,”four artists whose works contain a rigorous materiality and a transparent integrity of process, wherein form and aesthetic function become one.”

Reviews of the exhibition, The New Brutalists: Not So Brutal and The 12 Best Brooklyn Art Shows of 2012 by Paul D’Agostino, are published in L Magazine. Pub. Nov 7 and Dec 17, 2012

The New Brutalists installation view















June and July were spent in residence at The Banff Centre, participating in the thematic residency A PAPER A DRAWING A MOUNTAIN with faculty Silke Otto-Knapp and Jan Verwoert. The Child Alberta Said Red opened in conjunction with open studios at the Banff Centre, including works produced by residency participants while traversing the Canadian Rockies.
Among various projects, the series On Force was completed in the Banff Centre’s special processes dark room using stone from the nearby Mount Rundle. Special thanks to Sarah Fuller for her generous assistance with this project.

Open studios at the Banff Centre















…Is This Free? at NURTUREart

…Is This Free? opened at NURTUREart in three exhibition cycles “featuring artworks, ephemera and publications that have been mostly conceived and produced to be freely distributed.” The exhibition was curated by Marco Antonini and includes the work Estimated Ultimate Recovery (EUR), a newsprint of curated research on hydraulic fracturing.

On View July 6 – Sept 22, 2012

…Is This Free? installation view

















Everything is Index, Nothing is History at the Invisible Dog Art Center

Everything is Index, Nothing is History on view at the Invisible Dog in Brooklyn June 2 – 17.

The exhibition is presented by Recession Art and curated by Melanie Kress and Natalie Bell.

A catalog was produced in conjunction with the exhibition, designed by Eric Timothy Carlson.

The exhibition ”explores a world chronicled by gestures and physical traces that establish a factual connection to the world independent of cultural codes. Nearly a century and a half ago, philosopher Charles Sanders Peirce defined index as a sign that is caused by that which it refers to. A footprint, a scar, the smoke of a fire—all are signs that simultaneously demonstrate what they signify. An index may attest to the immediate truth of a substance or physical state, just as fever announces illness, or it may depict the truth of time—both the sun dial’s reading of a minute and the dust pile’s accumulative presence. As our relationship to history and the present change in an expanding field of information, Everything is Index, Nothing is History presents works that point to physical realities and trace purported histories through archives, found objects, photographs, material states, and physical actions.”

Participating artists:

Kate Bonner, Eric Carlson, J and James Carpenter, Courtney Chappell, Sarah Crofts, Lizzy De Vita, Shannon Finnegan, Ben Garthus, Max Glaser, Kameelah Janan Rasheed, Leah Raintree, Saul Melman, Peter Neu, Antoine Lefebvre, Hudson Lines, Sam Keller, Jordan Rathus, Yujin Lee, Nancy Woods

Everything is Index Nothing is History installation view